Current Projects

Goss Opera House, Watertown, SD

Renovation of the 1888 Goss Opera House, this Design & Build project consists of the total design of the Heating & Cooling system, in the 42,000 sq/ft facility.  Redlinger Bros. in conjunction with Baete-Forseth and G & R Controls have installed a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system for the Goss which open its door while we we’re still “the Dakota Territories”.  The radiation and VAV system will allow the Goss to control the facility on a usage basis to minimize their utility costs.  Estimated completion of the renovation is June of 2020.

Heston Hall, Dakota State University, Madison, SD

Renovation of the heating system in the 18,000 sq/ft administration office at Dakota State University.  This Bid & Spec. project with the State of South Dakota consists of the total removal of the existing Heating system and installing a new hybrid “Bulldog” Heating & Cooling system, which allows the individual offices to have Heating OR Cooling year-round.  Estimated completion is October of 2020.

Boiler Replacement, Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD

Removal of the existing boilers and installation of new boilers.  This Bid & Spec. project with the City of Sioux Falls consists of the total removal of the existing boilers system and installing two new Thermal Solutions “Artic” 6,000,000 btu boilers.  Because of the limited space and access Redlinger Bros. will travel to the factory to assist in the disassembling of the new boilers prior to shipping.  The new, disassembled boilers will be craned to the penthouse for final re-assembly and final connections.  Estimated completion in Summer of 2020.

National Music Museum Renovation and Addition, Vermillion SD

USD is home to the National Music Music which is undergoing a large addition and major renovation to the existing building. The addition includes a three level, 16,000 square foot area to the west. There will be approximately 4,600 square feet of added exhibit space for the spectacular collection of musical history displayed. Redlinger Bros. is providing new domestic plumbing, RO water system, hydronic chilled and heating system. Completion is scheduled for Spring of 2021. Journey Construction is the general contractor overseeing the project.

Dakota Bodies Expansion- Watertown, South Dakota

The new expansion for Dakota Bodies will consist of 40,000 square feet of new production floor area, new break rooms and employee restrooms. With construction starting in the fall of 2017, the project is scheduled to finish in May of 2018. Dakota Bodies has been building quality utility and service truck bodies in Watertown since 1997. Over the years Dakota Bodies has grown to a 145,000 square foot facility with over 250 employees, making it one of the largest employers in Watertown. Redlinger Bros. will be working under Hasslen Construction out of Ortonville, Minnesota. 

Prairie Lakes Healthcare MOB Addition and ED Remodel- Watertown, South Dakota

The project includes construction of a medical office building addition and ED remodel at the existing facility. The 80,000 sq ft. project consists of a two-story medical office building, tunnel connection to the existing facility, replace of the ambulance garage, and entrance renovations. New systems include medical gas, medical vacuum, medical air, oxygen, natural gas, domestic plumbing, hydronic heating and cooling. Construction started in the fall of 2016 and is scheduled for completion winter of 2017. Redlinger Bros is working with  McGough Construction. It is Redlinger Bros. second largest project to date. 

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